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Dipangkar Dutta                Professor

Research Interests: Experimental Nuclear Physics

My research is focused on precision measurement of fundamental properties of nucleons. These studies seek to understand the internal structure of hadrons in terms of the underlying quark and gluon degrees of freedom of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). Most of this research is carried out at Jefferson Lab (JLab) in Newport News where we undertake experiments in search of signatures of QCD in nuclei. Recently, we completed the PRad experiment which aims to measure the proton charge radius with sub-percent precision. The PRad experiment may help resolve the large discrepancy between measurements using electrons vs muons ( the so called proton radius puzzle ). Another recently approved experiment involves measuring the mesonic content of the nucleon using deep-inelastic scattering with spectator tagging, this experiment will also allow us to exact the quark distributions inside pions.

My research program also includes precision tests of fundamental symmetries and the Standard Model, which constitute experimental searches for new forces beyond the four included in the Standard Model. One of these experiments (The QWeak experiment) used parity violating electron scattering from the proton to perform the first high precision measurement of the weak charge of the proton. As part of this experiment my group built a set of diamond micro-strip tracking detectors which were the first such detectors to be used in a nuclear and particle physics experiment.

Another experiment is the new search for the neutron electric dipole moment (The nEDM Experiment) which is proposed for the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Lab. The goal of this experiment is a factor of 100 improvement over the current experimental limit. This search for a non-zero value of the neutron EDM is a direct search for violation of the time reversal symmetry (T).  

Ph. D.Northwestern University1999
B. Tech.Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay1992
Professional Experience:
Professor Mississippi State University 2016-present
Associate Professor Mississippi State University 2012-2016
Assistant Professor Mississippi State University2006-2012
Assistant Research Professor Duke University2003-2006
Senior Post-doctoral Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology2001-2002
Post-doctoral Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology1999-2001
Curriculum Vitae
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Recent Publications (More Publications)
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  2. D. Androic et al., Precision measurement of the weak charge of the proton Nature, vol 557 (2018) pp 207
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  10. A. Narayan et al., Precision Electron-Beam Polarimetry at 1 GeV Using Diamond Microstrip Detectors Phys. Rev. X, vol 6 (2016), 011013.
Research Sponsor
Department of Energy, Office of Science, the National Science Foundation and Oak Ridge Associated Universities/ Oak Ridge National Lab
    Graduate Students
  • Kofi Assumin-Gyimah (PhD expected 2020)
    Project: Big-G
  • Deepak Bhetuwal (PhD expected 2021)
    Project: Color Transparency at 12 GeV
  • Abishek Karki (PhD expected 2021)
    Project: EMC effect
  • Edward Leggett (2008 honors college summer fellow, MS 2011, PhD expected 2017)
    Project: Simulation of the neutron EDM experiment
  • Hem Bhatt (PhD expected 2021) (co-advisor)
    Project: Charge Symmetry Violation

  • Abdullah Altayer (MS 2017)
  • Nuruzzaman (MS 2010)
  • Amrendra Narayan (MS 2009, PhD 2015)
  • Yipeng Jiang (MS 2015)
  • Li Ye (PhD 2018)
    Undergraduate Students
  • James Browning
  • Cameron Moffat

  • Ben Emmich (2016-2017)
  • Nic Ezzell (2015-2016)
  • John Madsen (2013 - 2016)(2013, 2014 honors college summer fellow, 2013 NEMDJ research award, Goldwater honorable mention)
  • Mangesh Joshi (2015 - 2016)
  • Mikhail Gaerlan (2013 - 2016)
  • Prajwal Mohanmurthy (2010 - 2013) (2010, 2011 honors college summer fellow, 2011 Clinton E. Wallace undergrad research award, 2012 JSA undergraduate research fellowship )
  • Johnathan Sandlin (2012-2013)
  • Amy Ray (2012)
  • Nishi Sunthwal (2011-2012)
  • Robert Jacobson (2010-2011)
  • Edward Leggett (2008-2009)
  • Charles Vaughn (2007-2008)
  • Daniel Brown (2006-2007)
Post-doctoral Associate
  • Hao Jiang (PhD 2017, U. of South Carolina)
    Project: Fermilab, polarized Drell-Yan experiment.

  • Md. Latiful Kabir (PhD 2017, U. of Kentucky)
    Project: Hall C commissioning experiments

  • Krishna Adhikari (PhD 2013, ODU)
    Project: Proton charge radius experiment
  • Mitra Shabestari (PhD 2010, UVa)
    Project: GEM based forward tracker for the SHMS.
Awards and Honors

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